Thursday, 1 June 2023

 SL Feed Backup 2015

SL is Keiling the Online Profile ??? :('

So i Am Dump My Feed Photos her that not already goon :( '

Photos + Relevant Text it had'

Save from 8 Years ago ? 2015?:

:D got a new Shop at NekoZone

got my new shop in at the new named ( The Drunken Duck ) X the Flying Scotsman Pub ;D my new LM:

poting in my new Main shop :D jaayyy

(( 2023 Note ) i Promisor to make My Owen Building :D
in My Old SandBox Home )
haayy Finly don moving in to my new main Shop :D
gat must my stuf awut her naw not all bot most :D
MM at my Mian Shop, LULUS Little House :D only 16 Hits nidet :D
MM at my Mian Shop, LULUs Star All Fairy W :D only 16 Hits nidet :D
got a nice litel Garten on top of my new main Shop com hang awut kay :D

jaay finely got animation for my swing and pot it in hihi
now i just nit to pot animations in the big swing and the tre :D

think i finly got my Add Pic don for my Bunny Sweater set :)

seting and rilaksing a bit in my Garten on top off my Main Shop :D ling to nice Radio :) 

Heej :D Just got a new Shop at Black Lion Mall

haayy making a notter set for Ester :D
just nit to make som Nial Texsturs naw :D

nice live Music rit naw my Frand Yvette :D
new club :D

hihih dowing the Bunny hoppe this morning ihhi nicee :D
:D nice Umbralla :D
D nice Umbralla owwhh and this set is now in my Shops :D

(( 2023 Note ) Easter Time in SL :D Always Love it )

:D my new set is now in my Shops :D
My Main Shop sow com git rady for Easter ;D
LM: ...

Got a new Shop at .::: Low Rental :::.

Updated my Shop at my Sis Club :D
hop u com hang her its a nice Sim :D

.i am to shay to thel hem i love hem hihi ;P

home for a bit Rilaksing at my DaDy :D
on my swing lol i home wer my Swing is :D

lol fun ant my sis club hihihihi

Haayy All got a new Kiosk at at Irina's Tween paradise

Haayy all u Hunters the hunt is now open at my Main shop :D 

Haayy all u Hunters the hunt is now open at my shop in the Drunken Duck
And my Main shop :D

hayy all got 1 more new shop now at DISCO BARRACAlive
i hop u al com hang this is a nice Club and Mall :D

lol Daing whit my Frand the Estter Age ihhihihi

Happy Easter u all :D kissees fom my little Garten :D 
on top off my Main Shop :D
 dont foget to com hun to my Eages som a Fakr and som ar Real :D 
have fun kiss kiss 

Starting to look gode :D

insad off my new littel Car
jaayyyyyyyyyyyyy i just made my first Animation Poss jaayyy :D 
for my new little Bubble car :D
jaayy i love my new littel Car :D

Awut Thest Rading my Littel Bubbel Car hhihihi in the nice NekoZone Central City :D 
Pic,s Link:

nice Forest Aweer :D

Home Agen :D

OMG I cotton find any MESH MODEL ガチャ GACHA ca...